AT THE VIEW Daily-February 17, 2022

Black History Moment: Otis Boykin (1920-1982)

Boykin, who took a special interest in working with resistors, began researching and inventing on his own. He sought and received a patent for a wire precision resistor on June 16, 1959. This resistor would later be used in radios and televisions. Two years later, he created a breakthrough device that could withstand extreme changes in temperature and pressure. The device, which was cheaper and more reliable than others on the market, came in great demand by the United States military for guided missiles and IBM for computers. In 1964, Boykin moved to Paris, creating electronic innovations for a new market of customers. His most famous invention was a control unit for the pacemaker. 

ACTIVITIES: American Heart Challenge

ACADEMICS: Advertising Students in Action

Lights, Camera, Action!!! Mr. Bridges’, one of our Career & Technology Education (CTE) teachers, Advertising class worked diligently on their informative advertisment projects. The group pictured was focusing on the negative effects of nicotine/vape use with the help from Mrs. DuBard, our Health Science teacher.