AT THE VIEW Daily – February 14, 2022


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COMMUNITY: NO Valentine Day Gifts or Deliveries

We need your assistance.  Flowers, balloons, and other such special event gifts will not be accepted by our school office for delivery to any student.  Please arrange to have these gifts sent to the student’s home.  We want to remind you of this as Valentine’s Day approaches.  Our office staff is limited and we do not want to interrupt instruction.

Please also be reminded that students should not bring in Valentine’s Day gifts for exchange among their peers beyond what has already been provided for purchase by Student Activities as this causes a distraction and disruption to our school day.

Black History Moment: George Crum (1824-1914)

Crum, a chef and restaurateur, is said to have unintentionally created the potato chip during the summer of 1853. They were made in response to a customer who sent back their fried potatoes after complaining they were too thick. The crisps were an instant hit, and though Crum never patented the creations, chips are arguably now one of the world’s favorite snacks.

ATHLETICS: Blazers Qualify for 5A Playoffs!

Congratulations to the boys and girls basketball teams for qualifying for the AAAAA state playoffs! This is a great accomplishment for our Blazers!