AT THE VIEW Daily – October 17, 2021


ACTIVITIES: It’s Bullying Prevention Week

Bullying is an intentional behavior that hurts, harms, or humiliates a student, either physically, verbally, or emotionally and can happen while at school, in the community, or online. Those who are doing the bullying often have more social or physical power, while “those who are targeted have difficulty stopping the behavior. Those doing the bullying often have more social or physical power, “while those targeted have difficulty stopping the behavior. The behavior is typically repeated, though it can be a one-time event. Students often describe bullying as when “someone makes you feel less about who you are as a person.“ Although bullying should never be a part of childhood, more than one in every five students (20.2%) will be bullied this school year. 71% of youth have witnessed bullying at school. The age-old saying:  “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,”  is simply not true, as bullying negatively impacts both targets and the witnesses. It can lead to isolation, low-esteem, academic problems, substance abuse, and other unhealthy behaviors.  The good news is bullying is 100% preventable.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. This week Ridge View will bring awareness to bullying prevention by hosting a series of events to promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

ACADEMICS: Scholars Grads Earn Research Certificate

Congratulations to 2021 Scholars Academy Magnet for Business and Law graduates Ikponmwosa Agho and Traniah Neal who earned an AP Capstone Seminar and Research Certificate for passing both components of the research track offered by College Board. #futureSObright

COLLEGE & CAREERS: MTC College Application Night